Welcome to SuppleworX

If you’ve tried everything else and have almost given up hope of:

a life without back pain
getting your hips fixed (one leg looks longer than the other?)
recovering from a long term injury
being able to touch your toes without breaking something
getting more flexible without spending hours humming whilst trying to rip your own legs off
understanding how you keep accidentally turning your body into a disaster area (and how to stop doing it!)

 . . . . and you are able to drag yourself to London W1 or London SW14, then you’ve come to the right place!

This is the cyberspace home of Martin Jefferies, therapist, fitness advisor, flexibility expert, fitness writer & ski teacher

2006 Evening Standard - Top 50 Health Gurus in London
2006 Time Out - Health & Fitness Dream-Team member
2006 Evening Standard -  4* treatment for back pain
2007 BBC Radio London – Guest expert on stretching
2007 Evening Standard – recommended for postural problems