“if you thought that stiffness, a sore back and not being able to touch your toes were just part of getting older, Martin Jefferies is the man to convince you otherwise" - Time Out

Have you ever seen a therapist or any specialist promote themselves as being “not bad” or “quite good” ? Of course not. So how would you actually know if they were any good? If you want my opinion, go to the “Who does what” page in the “Treatments” section.

On these pages you’ll read a lot about me and my work but should also get some ideas about how your body works and what caused you to get whatever it is that led you to this website.

Me: I have a few pieces of paper that say I was taught various things and give me a few letters after my name. More importantly, I have a pile of emails and written testimonials from private clients and from the press who say that, after receiving treatment from me, they know that my ideas are original and that what I do works. They also say that (typically) in four to six sessions I have resolved problems that had confounded countless specialists and had kept them in pain, often for decades. You can read more about me and what real people thought of my work in the imaginatively titled “about me” and “Articles & Testimonials” pages.

My work: Of 800+ clients who I have treated in the last six years, all but 5 have left after four to six sessions with their symptoms eliminated along with its root cause and with an understanding of what caused it and how to stop it coming back.

In an article published in the London Evening Standard about treatment for back problems, SuppleworX was rated as more effective than the Physiotherapy, Alexander Technique and a number of other treatment forms.

My work falls into two distinct categories:

Clinical: in my clinical work, I spend an hour or so at a time with clients working one-to-one with people whose ages currently range from 12 to 82 with problems which range from tight neck and shoulders through postural problems and injury rehabilitation to my more specialist areas of long term back problems and flexibility improvement. I’ve also had excellent results with a number of apparently irreversible disorders such as cerebral palsy, ankylosing spondylosis and hemiplegia. All are dealt with using a variety of methods and techniques, some of which I was taught, some of which I created and all of which I fully understand. (more on the opening page of the “Treatments” section)

Workshops: In my stretch workshops I teach groups of up to 10 people how to get their muscles and joints to do things they never thought possible much faster than seems reasonable. Some of the techniques I use are known but rely on my own adaptations, based on what is perhaps best described as ‘muscular psychology’. For just about all my clinical clients, the workshop is (or should have been) an essential final session. For others, simply understanding how their body works and being able to move freely will keep them free of pain and out of my treatment room. You can read more words about my clinical treatments and stretch workshops on the “Treatments” and “Stretch Workshops” pages, exactly where you’d expect to find them.

I also have an upcoming corporate HR program which will save many companies thousands of pounds on pointless ergonomic assessments and futile on-site therapy, replacing it with comfortable, contented and pain free employees for as little as £50 per employee. For now brief details are hidden on the misleadingly titled “On-Site Corporate Work” page.

There is a lot of information on this website, but navigation is simple and 'Home' is just a click away if you get lost.

I hope you enjoy the site and find it informative. If you have any comments or questions, need any further information about my work, or if you would like to subscribe to my newsletter, please feel free to call me or use the direct e-mail link on the “Contact” page.

Thanks for reading
Martin Jefferies - SuppleworX