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“I have waited this long to contact you because I still think I’m going to wake up in pain. I can’t believe that after 27 years of constant pain I am now virtually pain free. . . I’m more relaxed and my children tell me I’m laughing more and seem a happier person”
- Maureen C, London (4 months after 4th treatment)

“Every day I wake up without pain. Every day I’m grateful all over again"-  Alex A, London

If you’ve already read the “Home” page, you’ll have read some impressive statements about SuppleworX but not much about what it consists of or what it is in practical terms and are possibly wondering if my work would be appropriate for you. The next few pages should clear that up for you.

Firstly, SuppleworX is the name for the amalgamation of treatment styles and techniques that I use. I do not pretend to be an osteopath, physiotherapist or personal fitness trainer but ‘borrow’ various components from these and other areas of expertise, add it to my massage specific training and join up the gaps where things are often fragmented and seem to make no sense. What underpins my work is an inherent and absolute understanding of how and why muscles function on an almost psychological level.

I cannot list the ailments and conditions that I treat. Firstly because they are too numerous, secondly because it would give the impression that I specialized in all those specific areas and that I could do nothing for anyone with any other problem.

What I work with is muscles, joints and bones. If your muscles or joints are causing you a problem or if your bones are in the wrong place, I can help you. If every part of you moves just like it always used to and nothing hurts then you don’t need treatment from me or anyone else.
Just to be clear, there are a lot of aches and pains (migraine/tension headaches being an obvious one) that are not muscular in their symptoms but are very muscular in their origins.

To simplify things, I’ve broken my work into the following three areas:
1. Back pain and body alignment work
2. Muscle and joint problems including injury rehabilitation and sports performance work - both of which can be found by clicking a button to your left
3. Flexibility and movement improvement - go back to the “Home” page and click on “Stretch Workshops”

Also to your left, there are pages where you can see what a typical SuppleworX session entails and find out what some of the more common forms of treatment offer.

And just in case anyone still has any doubts, here are a few things that I do NOT specialize in:

- ‘fairy fingers’ treatments guaranteed to irritate the hell out of you and/or send you to sleep
- throwing strangely scented oil at people hoping that the smell alone will make misaligned joints go back where they came from
- wasting peoples time and money with treatments they don’t need
- beating people up in the name of Sports Massage whilst achieving nothing
- connect you to a machine or leave you face down with a hot/cold pack on your back for 30 minutes and charge you for the privilege
- anything illegal or likely to get me struck off