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“From the way I walk, to how I sit at my desk and how I stretch and exercise, this has been a life changing experience. A lot to gain when in fact all I had asked for was to lose the aches! It takes a very generous man to empower others so much so that they don't need him again – thank you”– Eleni S (Lawyer), London

"Occasionally you meet someone tinged with genius and I suspect you are one such. To me, the difference between genius and brilliance is the extra inch that gets you beyond learning - or even improving - the art and being good at it. It's true understanding of fundamental principles and that is what you seem to have. You are an original! This morning, I feel 'odd'. I am walking differently and not entirely comfortable as I'm getting used to a different style of articulation. I feel less inclined to drag myself upright, and am quite happy to let things sit where they are. It's a strange experience, and one I'm getting more comfortable with. You should be world-famous and stone rich. If you were to let your techniques die with you we would all be worse off."- Gary Clarke (Author), London

I am a graduate of the London College of Massage, a therapist, fitness writer, fitness advisor, flexibility expert and ski teacher.

Those of you who have already seen any number of therapists looking for help will know that the natural intuitiveness and 'feel' required to be a good physical therapist is not assured by any qualification. The quotes given in ‘Articles & Testimonials are based on first hand experience of my work and are the best qualifications I could have and, perhaps, suggest that my natural understanding is at least equal to my technical training.

Since qualifying in August 1999, I have researched various related topics, practiced with experts in numerous disciplines and taken additional training in order to add techniques that are appropriate for my clients. My active participation in skiing and motorcycle racing to international level led to my receiving treatment from countless sports physiotherapists, osteopaths and chiropractors. As well as learning from these experts, I rarely treat anyone with a problem or injury that I have not had myself. On the plus side, these experiences give me a natural empathy with your pain and discomfort. On the negative side, most of them really hurt!

The career and personal development path that led me to this work has been varied and meandering but never dull. A lifelong fascination with all things mechanical lead me to building and racing motorcycles whilst banging lids on tins of paint, running an import/export business and managing several companies have also featured at various times. I came to this work almost by accident but, unless I am mistaken, will stay here for the rest of my working life.

I am immensely proud of my work and as delighted and surprised at the results clients achieve as they are. I am not a magician. I think of myself as ordinary and am quite humbled by many of the comments that clients have made about me and my work. I am adamant that, done properly, this work should be fast and effective and am as astonished and appalled as many clients at the hopelessly ineffective work done by too many well-qualified people working under title of ‘therapist’.

My commitment is to give the best treatment and the best advice I can so that clients get ‘fixed’ and get on with their lives as fast as possible. I have no more time for ‘perpetual’ clients and people who need 'spoon feeding' and pampering than I do for those that would pander to them, wasting their time and their money. For this reason I only need to see most people 4 or 5 times before our work is done. Whilst I don’t see them any more, I will usually see many of their friends, family and colleagues for similar work.