Whilst they are usually referred to as separate disciplines, the techniques used and outcome achieved by deep tissue massage and sports massage are very similar and not that far removed from therapeutic massage or remedial therapy.

Sports people do not have a monopoly on the need for 'sports massage'. Housewives, gardeners and people who lead sedentary but stressful lives, can often achieve the kind of muscle tension that Olympic athletes would be proud of!

The desired outcome for most people seeking sports massage is relief from deep muscle tension and repair of damaged muscle tissue. The results of good treatment are improved muscle function, increased joint mobility and - as a consequence of assisting the repair of damaged tissues - the ability to train harder for longer with less recovery time between training sessions.

I use deep tissue techniques to stretch and re align damaged muscle fibres and acupressure or neuro muscular therapy to release muscles from contractia or spasm. Whilst the techniques used are quite forceful, the treatment is applied in such a way as to be as relaxing as possible. Where appropriate, stretch programs can be designed to consolidate work done during treatments.