The Stress Buster

My own experience of 'beauty salon' massages is that they send you to sleep very nicely but (in my experience) have no lasting effect. If you are stressed out or worn out, being relaxed into a state of unconsciousness has little effect on its own. Having the skills to recognise and treat the physical causes and effects of tiredness, stress and lethargy means that I can provide a treatment that is both thoroughly relaxing AND effective in the longer term.

The whole tone of a relaxation session is very different from my other treatments. I can use yoga breathing and visualisation, learned from many years of practice, to ensure that you are mentally relaxed. The techniques and movements used are similar to those used in deep tissue work but are applied with less pressure and more continuous movement.

Muscles are gently stretched and relieved of toxins, subcutaneous tissue lesions are broken down and any deeper muscular problems are dealt with appropriately. Aromatic oils can be used if requested and the treatment can finish with a face or scalp massage if you wish. If I am not able to treat any specific muscle tension that I find without disturbing the 'flow' of your relaxing treatment, I will give you the choice as to how I proceed.