Even clients having as many as 8 treatments in close succession are missing out on whole body flexibility and its benefits to further training and general well-being. We deal with the specific problems they arrive with but, all too often, for the sake of a clearly defined outcome and commitment to a specific period of treatment, the sessions can end up being somewhat meandering and involve a lot of chasing your tail around the houses. It's a bit like trying to spring clean your house at the rate of one room a month. You get there in the end, but by the time you've finished the last room, the first one needs doing again, and all the while you have a house load of garbage following you around wrecking the bit that you just did.

I now offer a structured course that will work through the whole musculoskeletal system in a logical sequence. The results is significant visible and measurable improvements in whole body flexibility and visible improvements to posture and body alignment. The treatments address ALL muscle groups, pelvic and skeletal alignment and tension in myofascial tissue. (Myofascia is the tissue that connects and encapsulates the whole skeletal muscle system). Muscle specific stretch programs are provided each week to continue working the areas treated and, at the discretion of the client, photographs can be taken during the first and last sessions for "before and after" comparison.

The course is set out as 6 treatments, each lasting two hours. Some specific musculoskeletal problems that clients present with may necessitate extending the course but, for most people, all problems can be dealt with within the program and 6 treatments are sufficient.